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Bee Removal Lisle ILHave you noticed an overabundance of bees or other flying insects at your home or business? Professional bee removal Lisle IL from our team at Bugs Anonymous may be necessary? The only way to guarantee the complete eradication of bees from your home or business is to remove the hive from the area. This is a very difficult and dangerous task to those with no experience in this field. At Bugs Anonymous, we offer fast and effective solutions for those who need bee removal in Lisle IL or the surrounding areas in DuPage County.


We Have Experience Removing All Major Types of Bees & Other Flying Insects Found in Lisle, IL

Types Of Bees:

There are many types of bees and not all of them are aggressive. In fact, some are very docile and will not bother those who do not bother them. Some species of bee don’t even have stingers. Bee species you might encounter in Lisle Il include:

Bee Removal Lisle ILCarpenter Bees: Carpenter bees are large, hairy bees usually seen flying around on their own rather than in large colonies. Carpenter bees do not sting because they don’t have stingers, but sometimes fly around aggressively to try and intimidate any threat.

Carpenter bees bore into wood to lay eggs, leaving large oval holes about the size of a quarter. They can do damage to homes and wooden structures around your property. In you believe you have carpenter bees in Lisle IL call us today!


Bee Removal Lisle ILHoney Bees: Honey bees are one of the most common types of bees that people encounter in their daily life. They are yellow and black with slender bodies that often cause confusion with hornets or wasps. They are not usually aggressive.

Honey Bees have been known to swarm around perceived threats to their nests and will sting to fend them off. They will also swarm in order to establish a new colony.



Bee Removal Lisle ILBumble Bees: Bumble bees look a lot like carpenter bees, but are usually smaller and appear to have fine hairs all over their bodies. Bumble bees do not bore into wood and will not cause damage to wooden structures around your home or property. Bumble bees prefer to nest underground and are very rarely a problem. They do not have stingers, and may bite if provoked. They are usually only a concern if they set up their nest in a high traffic area near a home or business.


The Bugs Anonymous Bee Control and Treatment Process:

  • Identification – Correctly identifying the type of bee that is infesting your property is the key to successfully removing them. We may use different treatment methods depending on the species of bee you have at your home or business.
  • Recommendation – Once the bee is identified, we will make a treatment recommendation. The method of removal our technician will suggest will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of bee, the location of the bee hive, state and local regulations and the severity of an infestation. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, your Bugs Anonymous technician will provide you with a quote for services.
  • Treatment – The method of treatment used will vary from applying aerosols, dust or liquid treatments. Our technician will apply the application to the nest using a stinging insect pole while wearing protective gear.


No Matter What Type of Bee Problem You Have in Lisle, IL, Bugs Anonymous Can Help!

There is Nothing More Important to Our Family at Bugs Anonymous than the Well-Being of Your Family

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Bee Removal Lisle IL: About Us

Bee Removal Lisle ILAt Bugs Anonymous, we are a family owned company that has been in the pest control business for more than 40 years. We specialize in Bee Removal Lisle IL. What sets us apart from our competitors is that there are no contracts to sign and no long-term commitments necessary. In addition, we use low odor chemicals. We offer our clients a six-month guarantee and if we have to come around again, we will not charge you to do another treatment of any area re-infested within six months of the initial treatment. Call Bugs Anonymous today at 630 529-7216.


Bee Removal Lisle IL