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Wasp Removal Wheaton ILAre you seeing a wasp infestation in or near your home or business? At Bugs Anonymous we have state licensed technicians that are trained in the most effective wasp removal and control methods in Wheaton, IL.

Bugs Anonymous customers rely on our certified technicians to deliver safe treatment and wasp removal Wheaton IL. Vespid wasps (paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets) are the most dangerous species of stinging insects due to their painful stings which in rare cases can be fatal. If they feel threatened, wasps will attack humans in large numbers.


Wasp Removal Wheaton IL: Types of Common Flying Insects

Wasp Removal Wheaton ILPaper Wasps – One of the most commonly encountered wasp species in residential homes, paper wasps earn their namesake for the upside down umbrella-shaped nests they construct of papery materials. While their appearance can vary slightly by species, paper wasps have distinctive long legs. Paper wasp nests are commonly found in attics, deck floors, porch ceilings and the top of window/door frames.



Wasp Removal Wheaton ILHornets – The largest of wasp species that commonly infest properties, hornets will build their nests on atop trees, utility poles, sheds, in shrubs etc.. Baldfaced hornets and European hornets are two of the most common hornet species in the U.S. Hornet stings can be extremely painful although they are not as aggressive as other wasp species.




Wasp Removal Wheaton ILYellow Jackets – Famous for their distinctive yellow and black color scheme, yellow jackets are known to be very aggressive when close to humans. There 16 different yellow jacket species active in the U.S., including the common yellowjacket, Vespula vulgaris and German yellowjacket, Vespula germanica. Yellow jackets will build both aerial and ground nests. Yellow jackets are capable of stinging a person multiple times.



Wasp Removal Wheaton ILEvery fall, newly mated queen wasps will seek shelter in protective structures to build their nests. This can include the exterior or interior of your home. In the spring, the nest will grow and wasps can become a danger to humans.

The treatment and removal of wasps from a property requires the expertise of a pest control professional. At Bugs Anonymous, we strongly advise against attempting to remove wasp nests by do-it-yourself methods. This can be highly dangerous and cause the wasps to sting you because you have agitated them. Our Bugs Anonymous technicians have specialized equipment and wear protective gear to remove wasp nests safely.

The Bugs Anonymous Wasp Control and Treatment Process:

  • Identification – Correctly identifying the types of wasps that is infesting your property is the key to successfully removing them. We may use different treatment methods depending on the species of wasp you have at your home or business.
  • Recommendation – Once the wasp is identified, we will make a treatment recommendation. The method of removal our technician will suggest will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of wasp, the location of the nest, state and local regulations and the severity of an infestation. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, your Bugs Anonymous technician will provide you with a quote for services.
  • Treatment – The method of treatment used will vary from applying aerosols, dust or liquid treatments. Our technician will apply the application to the nest using a stinging insect pole while wearing protective gear.

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Wasp Removal Wheaton ILAt Bugs Anonymous, we are a family owned company that has been in the pest control business for more than 40 years. What sets us apart from our competitors is that there are no contracts to sign and no long term commitments necessary. In addition, we use low odor chemicals. We offer our clients a six-month guarantee and if we have to come around again, we will not charge you to do another treatment of any area re-infested within six months of the initial treatment. Call Bugs Anonymous today at 630 529-7216.


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